Hello. Hey. Hi.

I’m Eliza. Eliza Taylor. Just kidding, I wish I was the actress in the 100 (If you haven’t watched that show yet, do yourself a favor and watch it right now). I’m actually Eliza YouCan’tGetToKnowMyLastNameYaCreep. It’s a very long name, passed down for many generations. Very unique, you can’t find anyone else on Google with that last name.

Enough with the goofing off. If you are somehow a reader that’s not my future self, welcome!!! It’s amazing that someone has actually found this blog. Please enjoy your stay. Feel free to contact me below. Comment any opinions of this blog as well as what you would want to be doing right now. I’d love to hear that an actual person is reading this.

Here’s the official biography. In 3…2…1…

Eliza is a high school girl who is interested in pursuing a career in business or technology. She is proficient in programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, PHP including phpMyAdmin and MySQL for databases, Git, Heroku, Arduino Uno C++, APIs, and a little bit of jQuery and Javascript. Being a Millennial or Gen Y, she is skilled in social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn. Her interests include writing, investing, reading, typography, web design, and more.

Into Lifely was started among many WordPress blogs that Eliza has abandoned due to lack of time or passion. Two years after, she has revisited this blog and decided to start anew in the summer of 2016, posting once more. With this blog, she hopes to write comedic as well as serious posts based on her personal life, her interests, and her thoughts. Overall, this blog will be a random assortment and a multitude of unpredictable posts that are raw and honest. Through Into Lifely, Eliza will share her teenage view on topics, show her sarcasm and dedication to doing what she loves, and hopefully entertain and enlighten readers.


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