The Struggles of Every High Schooler

This is my very first post on Into Lifely and may be extremely cringe-worthy given my sleep deprivation so warnings to any readers out there and especially to my future self.

So I’m currently facing as much of a midlife crisis as you can get at the mere age of 15. I know what you are thinking. Give me a break, you haven’t reached a quarter of your life yet. Well, guess what? I completely, wholeheartedly agree; whether it’s my hormones or increasing stress and pressure associated with the word “college” or even “school’ for that matter, I am confused, unhappy, and at times at a state of despair. In this day and age, teenagers have it rough.

And that’s all thanks to one thing that is just one word and three syllables (To all my Gossip Girl fans out there, those three syllables are not “I love you”, but Chuck and Blair ahhisdfsdojyes)- technology. With technology so prevalent in today’s society, there’s pros and cons, like all things. Technology allows us to communicate with a few taps and bam! You get to tell your grandmother from the other side of the globe how much you love and miss her. You get to inform your favorite Youtuber how ugly they look with this new makeup product that they are trying. Frankly, technology isn’t all that great, because it is this time consuming thing that is causing us students to be distracted from our schoolwork. Not to mention how it creates a new form of bullying that only harms the mental health of teenagers even more. However, despite its faults, we all love it, which is why we are using our laptops or computers or phones or tablets to read this right now, and it has been so integrated in our daily lives that it is hard to imagine a life without it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m simply so immersed in my phone or my laptop nowadays, and it’s hard for me to study when I have new Youtube videos to watch each day, a Reddit post that is available to read at the click of a button, Facebook messages to check, Instagram profiles to stalk, and funny tweets that I just thought of that I need to post online. With all the distractions around me due to technology, it’s hard to be able to study for a straight hour. To add on to all this, every high school student out there has this overwhelming pressure created by parents, teachers, and friends with this question of “What do you want to do when you grow up?”. What do you mean?!?!?!?! I’m only fifteen, and I’m supposed to figure out one thing I want to do for the next fifty years? I haven’t even lived fifty years yet. In fact, I haven’t lived half that long.

Yes, I know I can change majors or I can switch careers midway through my life, but for now, I need to settle on something semi-permanent so that I can at least have a plan. And. It. Is. Hard. So unimaginably hard. It’s confusing. What if you aren’t making the right decision and it spirals you into pursuing a career you loathe? What if you don’t find a job with your major and end up living back home with your parents until the ripe age of 50? The possibilities are endless.

Now in addition to trying to figure out how to answer that question, you’ve got raging hormones, a desire to fit in and have friends, and this fear of letting down everyone including your family members, neighbors, and worst of all– yourself. You think I mentioned all of the struggles? This is just the surface.

It truly is hard being a teenager.


6 thoughts on “The Struggles of Every High Schooler”

  1. Great writing and very heartfelt. I’m probably your mums age but remember have similar feelings at your age and we didn’t have the technology. With regards to career (from someone who has had 3 changes of career) DO WHAT YO LOVE. Usually what you love is what you’re good at – go with it 🙂

    1. We all had our issues when we hit teenage years. I’m in my early 40’s now. I think we all had struggles but the pressure that is out there now “thanks” to all the technology available must be huge. My oldest just turned teenager. There are many worries I have for him that I would not have if it wouldn’t be for all the social networks out there…

  2. Wow!!! Its wonderfully written.I just remembered my own case by reading this. I too was bombarded with such questions. But if you listen to your heart, you will get the way through! Love what you do and do what you love! 🙂 All the best!

  3. I totally agree with you. I often think how happy I am that I got to spend my teenage years in the time before technology hit its highs. You really are under so much pressure. Much more than we were.

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